100 Best Small Business Ideas

100 Best Small Business Ideas

November 07, 2018 1 Comment

Grab the List!While some find joy in a 9 to 5 routine, others are searching for something more out of life. Taking your passion or dream and starting a small business may be just what the doctor ordered. It can work as a perfect side business with a low scale investment factor. But at the same time, it has potential to generate enough revenue for survival on its own without any backup plans. If you’re in search of an idea of such a business, here are 100 Best Small Business Ideas that will help you get started.

1. Design Chatbots

You can learn the skill online or through internships. 

2. Customized Cake Baking

Utilize your baking expertise in an effective way.

3. Cookies

Bake yummy treats and deliver them to customers’ homes.

4. Boutique

This does require a little more investment and an actual store, but you can put your creative side to peace in this business or you can start an on-line boutique. 

5. Golf coach

If you have a talent, earn money off of it by assisting others.

6. Coffee/Tea spot

Serve beverages and let people gossip.

7. Virtual Assistant

Although this isn’t a very creative job, it is very highly paid.

8. Social Media Consultant

Assist other businesses to promote themselves on social media platforms.

9. Stamp or Coin Dealer

Convert your childhood hobby into a money making business.

10. Handmade items

Knit, sew, do embroidery or whatever else and sell it online.

11. Crafting

Use your art skills to sell handicrafts.

12. Baby sitting

Take it up a notch by running a day care.

13. Cleaning service

Visit door to door and provide your service.

14. Dance classes

Help others lose their stiffness so they can enjoy their clubbing nights.

15. Book dealing

Collect rare books and sell them book nerds.

16. Personal trainer

If you’re into fitness, this is your thing.

17. Graphic designing

Make logos or other graphics for clients and easily sell on etsy, fivver, or your own website. 

18. Crochet/knit lessons

Once again, earn money by sharing your skills.

17. Jewelry making

This is another very creative business and if you have the skills you can sell on etsy, facebook or your own website. 

18. Promoter

Start promoting places or events if you have a social media following.

19. Wine bar

Start small and extend to a restaurant later.

20. Event organization

Help people plan their events, weddings, parties, you name it!

21. Writing

Start freelance writing. Sell your services on fivver. 

22. Photography

Wedding photography is a highly paying field, or baby photography would also be a good option. 

23. Videography

If you have the equipment, start shooting for brands.

24. Video editing

Edit any sort of videos for all occasions. You can sell your services on fivver.

25. Gardening

If you love and have the knowledge, become a gardening consultant.

26. Landscaping

Help people design their homes using your creative skills.

27. Interior designing

Assist other home owners.

28. Painting

Become a painter, try painting houses, rooms or even furniture. 

29. Artist

Start up an art gallery where you can display your artwork.

30. Hat making

Start with party supplies and then move to wholesale selling.

31. Personal shopper

Walk around with the elite or pick out everything online and send it directly to your clients. 

32. Speaking coach

Start coaching people who are under-confident in communication.

33. Business Broker

Focus on bigger businesses.

34. Presentation coach

Teach body language and etiquettes.

35. Tuition service

Educate others 

36. Caterer

Cook on a large scale. For parties, weddings, special occasions. 

37. Furniture making

Put your carpentry skills to use.

38. Image consultant

A business for people with a fashion sense and branding. 

39. Makeup artist

Beautify people from the outside. Grow a huge following on social media by posting videos of your work and beauty recommendations. 

40. Yoga instructor

Help people get mentally and physically fit. Can do it at small studio space or at a client's house. 

41. Hairdresser

Rent a space at a salon or go out on your own. You can even go directly to client's houses to do hair for special occasions. 

42. Pet-sitting

Look after others’ pets. Great way to make money and spend time with furry friends!

43. Computer trainer

People who don’t excel in IT skills will hire you.

44. Pet taxi

Provide conveyance for pets to travel to the vet.

45. Fix Smartphones

Got technical skills? Use them.

46. Create Apps

Make fun and unique smartphone apps.

47. Fashion blogger

Give fashion advice and earn money.

48. Social Media Influencer

Attract audience for other brands. You have to build a large and loyal audience to get attention but it can be done. 

49. Internet researcher

Surf through the internet for targeted researches.

50. Podcast

They are the new trend. Make you own podcast on what you are an expert in or what you are passionate about. 

51. Online games

Develop online games.

52. Etsy store

Sell your creativity. Sell invitations, digital files, crafts, logos and more!

53. SEO Writer

Write for other companies’ promotion. Sell your services on fivver. 

54. Review products

Let others know your opinion.

55. Advertising agency

Use your creativity for unique campaigns. Facebook ads are hot right now, hone your skills and build campaigns to grow other people's businesses. 

56. Car wash

Clean cars for clients. 

57. Real Estate Broker

This business hardly ever fails.

58. Spa

Help people relax and unwind. Spa services for parties is also a great idea!

59. Nutritionist

Design meals for health conscious people.

60. Mobile billboard

Local businesses will love this concept. 

61. Money broker

Arrange loans for others.

62. Property dealer

Connect interested parties and earn profits.

63. Music teacher

Vocals or instruments, teach what you wish.

64. Dance Performer

Entertain others with your talent.

65. Singer

Use your vocals to amuse listeners. Play at coffee shops, local venues and parties. 

66. Restaurant

Fulfill all your cooking wishes. Start small and see where it goes. 

67. Tree service

It is dangerous, but, if done right, pays well.

68. Car leasing

Rent out cars to people 

69. Wedding venue

Rent out your place for holding weddings.

70. Weight loss assistant

Suggest meals or exercises to clients who wish to reach a weight goal.

71. Plant-watering service

Head out with a commercial plant-watering device.

72. Locksmith

Open locked doors, literally.

73. Office cleaning

After hours cleaning for offices

74. Pet trainer

Groom untrained pets. 

75. Pool maintenance

Clean pools and keep them maintained. 

76. App tester

Test out new apps and report back to creators.

77. Dating consultant

Become a love guru.

78. Website developer

Design layouts and manage domains.

79. Desktop publisher

You can use existing content to create magazines, books, newsletters, etc.

80. Vlogger

Start a YouTube channel.

81. Business planner

Design a business plan for other new businesses.

82. Resume writer

Help out fresh graduates.

83. Translator

Utilize your multiple language skills.

84. Editorial Service

Start copywriting, editing, etc.

85. Sell photos

An extra earning for photographers.

86. Surveys

Get surveys filled by people for researches.

87. Travel agent

Manage trips and handle all the details of travel for others. 

88. Currency trading

Exchange currencies for profits.

89. Courier

Collect packages from one place and deliver them to another.

90. Cab service-Uber, Lyft

Use your car as a taxi.

91. Masseuse

Massage stressed muscles.

92. Personal chef

Cook for households.

93. Dog walker

Take cute dogs out for walks.

94. Laundry

Wash clothes for people.

95. Grocery taxi

Deliver groceries to homes.

96. Lawn mowing

Groom overgrown grass.

97. Personal driver

Offer chauffeur services. 

98. Bartending

Get a safety certificate to be able to start serving people with amazing drinks. Work parties or special events. 

99. Design Invitations

Design and sell digital invitations, sell on Etsy or your own website for instant download. 

100. Coach

Do private lessons for gymnastics, swimming, cheer, etc. Teach other what you are so good at. 

Starting a small business can be a scary and daunting task but anything is possible when you put your mind to it. If you start a business that you are passionate about and that you love...you will never work a day in your life. 

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December 28, 2018

Looking forward to reading the tips and getting insight on some of the types of jobs mentioned.

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