How to build an unstoppable Brand

How to build an unstoppable Brand

March 30, 2018

To build a strong product or service, a company needs to have a strong base. This foundation is mainly formed with an effective branding. A lot of companies suffer from failed brands and face huge losses. If you wish to prevent yourself from this damage, follow this expert advice.

Have a focused aim

Being confused is never going to lead you to a successful branding. Before you start with the branding itself, sit down and narrow your goals. This is the step where you decide your target audience, brand theme, the vibe you want to send out, your mood, etc. Will it be an interactive brand, will it be fun, would your audience be readily involved, which age group will use your product, etc. are the kind of questions you must answer. This way, you’ll develop a focused branding too. That will increase the chances of it being effective. Something that is all over the place will do no good for anyone. Consider marketing a product for every gender and every age group in the world. You will never be able to satisfy anyone. On the other hand, if you focus on single moms in New York or young college students, your branding will be much more attractive to the people you actually want to reach to.

Come up with competitor market

Once you know your aim, find out similar brands that target the same audience and have the same overall niche. Remember that firstly, you need to have something different than other brands. Otherwise, your consumer market wouldn’t have any reason to choose you over an already existing brand. If you want to replace your competitors’ place, design a brand that is better as well as different from your opponents. Whatever is the unique point, that will be the factor you focus on. This unique selling point must be marketed for the most part in order to attract an audience. Secondly, you need to be at least equal or better than competing brands if you want to stand out of the crowd.

Utilize every possible medium

The good thing in the 21st century is that branding and marketing aren’t restricted to one platform. You have hundreds of possibilities to reach out to your target audience. Utilize every opportunity. One reason for this is that you will obviously get more audience. Secondly, people like brands that are up to date and active. Show your activeness through interactive campaigns on every platform. The mediums you plan on using for advertising are a part of your brand strategy. Of course, your campaigns will be designed according to the nature of the platform. Similarly, you’ll find a different kind of audience on different platforms. Although the basics remain the same, for example, the logo, color palette, theme, and overall message, the way it is communicated varies. Your social media branding can be a lot more interactive and informal. Billboard advertising will be very different. TVC will show the same message and brand but in a different tone. In order to get your team to design uniquely effective advertising and marketing ideas, your branding strategy should sort this factor out. Our suggestion is to experiment with as many platforms as possible. However, do not go overboard if you do not have the managing skills.

Be effective but simple

Your branding is your form of communication with the market. If things get too complicated, the purpose of branding is defeated. You want to send your message out there but without going overboard. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Keep your message to the point. Once you have attracted the attention of the consumer, you can design other campaigns that will provide further information to interested people. Alongside this, your brand must be a true representation of your ideas. From your logo to your website layout, every single factor must coordinate in terms of theme and vibe. Even the fonts, illustrations, tagline, and images are coherent. For example, all of Coca Cola’s branding is red. No matter where you see the theme, you can easily recognize that it is a campaign by Coca Cola. This is the kind of effect your branding must have. To make this possible, your brand design should be distinctive. You must be different at least from other companies in the same field.

Restricted brand guidelines

To make sure your branding doesn’t fall everywhere, you need to determine restricted guidelines that cannot be crossed. Without any boundaries, neither will your company be able to get the brand message communicated nor will any campaign be focused. The whole brand will become very confused. You as the company will lag behind in providing the required quality and customers will be confused as of what your brand is all about. What this means in the practical sense is that your slogans and taglines shouldn’t be contradictory. If you decided on a fun vibe, show it through consistency in all your branding. This is the part where you also decide the no-go area in branding. If you do not want curved lines in the branding layout, mention it in your guidelines. This way no member of the team will make the mistake. Restricted brand guidelines will also minimize chances of failure or blunders.


Despite the emphasis on consistency, it is important to stay up to date. The same logo wouldn’t work for 100s of years. This sort of re-creation is allowed. In fact, it is encouraged. There is a possibility that over the time, your brand’s ideology alters as well. You can see that logos of companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola have changed over the years. They have remained consistent in the theme, only the design has been altered. Hence, you can learn that even if you want to bring a change, you cannot completely change the branding.


Effective branding means a definite win in the industry. If you want to be unstoppable with your epic branding techniques, keep our tips in mind to avoid falling short. 

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