About Me



Do you ever feel like you were meant for MORE?


You and me both, lady!


Ever since I was five years old, my blood was pumping creative energy through my soon-to-be entrepreneurial veins.


(I got started by borrowing my brother’s toys and selling them back to him in exchange for his allowance money. I know. Cunning!)


I came from a family of entrepreneurs (and carried that tradition forward to my own), that always told me I could do *anything* I wanted to.


That the sky literally had no limit.


That I didn't have to get straight A’s (but I got them anyways –– I still studied like crazy).


That the only thing that *really* mattered?


Learning how to figure things out for myself.


After getting laid off from a 10-year career in corporate sales in 2010, that’s exactly what I did!


It was the perfect catalyst to awaken the dormant entrepreneur that had been itching to crawl out for years…


So from the *very* same cream-colored Ballard armoire in my daughter’s room when I got fired (fate is funny, right?)-- 


I went out on a limb –– and created Southern Tots, a kids clothing line that could be both stylish and affordable (I was a new mom who was spending wayyy too much money shopping for my daughter and knew it was an industry that was super-duper marked up)... 


And I figured it out.


I’m talkin’...


  • Moving my office from my daughter’s bedroom to a little warehouse within a matter of 1 year –– and then a 16,000 sq ft one! (Each one always had a splash of turquoise leading you there.)
  • Managing the manufacturers, marketing, shipping (you name it!) all on my own, to a team of 50
  • Going from selling pieces in person at my friend’s homes to rocking 1,000 orders a day –– and preparing to sell out every piece come Black Friday… 


The result?


$19M in revenue. 200,000+ customers. And an infinite number of lessons on what it *really* takes to grow and scale an online boutique business.


Including the One Lesson that took me down --


Which was to work myself to the point where it just wasn’t FUN anymore.


Because within four years –– I’d taken on too much, fell victim to classic burnout (we’ve all been there, right?) and knew it was expanding beyond what I’d ever dreamed possible.


The perfectionist in me couldn’t keep all those tabs open in my brain.


Too much, too fast.


As a result --


All my hopes of spending more time with my kids? Wasn’t possible when Thanksgiving or Christmas rolled around.


All those bookmarked vacations I thought I’d saved up for? Never found the time to take them!


You get the point.


So I made the tough choice to close both my digital n’ brick-n-mortar warehouse doors on a roaring success.


It’s called being human –– but I knew I had to walk away for my sanity.


I also believed that God had a plan for my life and my heart: to share my story with others. Even at the prime of my business, it still doubled up as a blessing and a curse –– because the reality is that, yes, entrepreneurship is messy.


And I know better than anyone how building an online boutique business in this world can suck you in and spit you out with wayyy more questions than you came in with.




  • How do I successfully run Facebook ads?
  • How do I make my site more searchable?
  • What do I need to know about trademarks?
  • How do I get my website up to speed?
  • How do I figure out ___

    So, from dreamer to dreamer… 


    Let’s say I know a thing or two about:


    • Eliminating the 100,101 steps you’re currently taking to figure *all* these steps out 
    • What *really* happens behind the scenes of a multi-million dollar (ugh, I hate saying that, but it’s true!) online boutique business 
    • What you *shouldn’t* do (yup, #lessonslearned) in the e-commerce space and the easiest traps to fall into


    …. Most of all, I’ve always been a systematic-to-a-fault kinda gal –– the kind that could probably map out a city with my internal compass.


    And that’s exactly what I do for people like YOU now –– except for your customer journey, business growth and setup! 


    I don’t mince my words, either: I tell it like it is –– no filter, because we need as much clarity as we can get, right?


    Like I said…


    You and me? We were both meant for more.


    I’ve been there, done that –– and all I want is to share those gold nuggets with dreamers and doers like YOU.


    So if you’re feeling like it’s time to:


    • Quit Googling how to optimize every single part of your online boutique business
    • Go all in and finally commit to growing this seed that you’ve planted on the internet
    • Embrace the freedom that comes with running an e-commerce business –– and set yourself up for long-term success


    You and me? We’re a match made in digital heaven. 


    And I’ve got sooo many ways to help you! 


    Um, you have a personal life too though, right Ashley?


    Oh, right! Forgot about that –– workaholic blood still flows strong, you know?


    Well, when I’m not recording new videos for my courses or listening to my daughter regale me with her latest cheerleading stories –– you can probably find me… 


  • Actually taking a vacation. Preferably, one that includes a giant bowl of tagliatelle and Genovese pesto in Italy! Fun fact: I studied in Verona and I’ve been back to let my jaw drop in Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome since. Next on my list: Greece, or anywhere near the ocean (AKA my happy place).
  • Willingly sweating at bootcamp. Yup, I’m an exercise bootcamp junkie (five mornings a week) –– it’s the best release. And I always wish I’d started earlier.
  • Trying out new tech-y tools. Oops, maybe I’m cheating –– does that count as work? ;) Probably the most annoying thing about hanging out with me at home is that I love to bury myself into figuring stuff out at the backend of all the platforms I love. #sorrynotsorry 

    What is at the heart of everything that I do? 

    Fierce Faith

    I move through my work and  teachings by honoring my faith and the pattern that has been designed for my life. I fiercely commit to every challenge that comes my way with the trust and belief that I'm the right woman for that job!


    Familial Freedom 

    If there’s any chatter around the dinner table that would annoy my kids, it would be the entrepreneurial talk between myself and my husband! Both being successful business owners, we believe in charting paths for future families centered around the life that people want to build, rather than trying to fit into the structured box that you’re *supposed* to.


    Loved-Up Loyalty

    When I commit to my people, I'm all in. Like, I'm the kind of best friend you’d call at midnight. I'm not afraid to do the same for my students (but within business hours, alright?) –– I'm committed to your success as much as my own, and I'm dedicated to helping you see your goals come to fruition. 


    Intentional Transparency

    I am an open (digital) book. I knows how important it is to share what it *really* takes to succeed in the e-commerce space (plus, what happens when you fail) with a zero-fluff attitude. Add my moral compass into the mix, and you’ve got a straight shooter who’ll give you the facts –– not just the stuff you want to hear.