Top Social Media Campaign Ideas

Top Social Media Campaign Ideas

November 07, 2018 1 Comment

Social media is the ultimate platform for marketing in this era. If you aren’t utilizing social media as an effective campaign strategy, you’re wasting a lot of potential. There is a long list of benefits of marketing on social media that can go on and on. The tricky part is designing effective campaigns so that you can avail the marketing opportunity that comes with the target audience you reach on social media. Here are some very creative marketing ideas that will let you develop a perfect promotional social media marketing strategy.

Connective hashtags

A great to way to get people talking about your brand is by starting a hashtag that involves people. You can start an interactive topic, like a story everyone can share. It could be something emotional or something related to a social issue. These are the topics that will gain maximum attention. Everyone will share their experience regarding the topic. Not only will this promote an emotional connection of the brand with the audience, you’ll end up reaching out to more audience with similar interest. That means a higher chance of conversion through social media audience.

Photo competitions

Another effective campaign strategy is to encourage your audience to promote your product. For example, if your product is ketchup, you can start a campaign where people can participate by sharing pictures of their choice of food item that goes well with your ketchup. The picture would include your product and hence, it will reach out to a number of people on social media. This will also be a form of testimonial. In the end, you’ll get a lot of exposure as well as a better repute. It is good to encourage such competitions by keeping a reward for contest winners.


Other than offering rewards for online contests you hold, you can offer coupons to all your social media followers without any conditions. This way, your followers will be eager to get a certain percentage discount or promotion on your product and you will get an increased number of sales without any effort! A lot of your followers who hadn’t yet tried your service or product will give it a chance after getting a coupon too. 

Interactive posts

Getting good engagement stats is actually very simple. High engagement is important in order to make your online marketing a success. If you wish to do this, an easy step is to be interactive on your social media accounts. Take advice, ask questions, and answer queries online. An example of such a campaign will be to post about a hyped up movie. You could ask your followers if they have watched the movie yet or not. Or, you could ask them through a poll that who their favorite character in the movie was.

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Tag a friend

You must have seen multiple posts online that encourage you to tag your friend in the post if you think it’s relatable. A strategy of this sort of campaign is to use alphabets. This is done in a way like this: Tag a friend whose name begins with the letter ‘A’, they owe you a cup of coffee. Another way to use this campaign idea is to post a quote, video or picture and simply post a caption that tells the followers to tag a friend in the comments. Surprisingly, this is a very effective strategy and it helps brands get a lot of new audiences.


There isn’t one person on the planet who wouldn’t want to win something free by doing simple steps that take no effort at all. Giveaways can be done as a collaboration with other brands too. You could keep rules of the participation as simple as following the social media accounts of the brand and tagging a few friends. You get exposure, more followers, and your participants get a chance to win something for free.

Account takeover

Social media influencers are gaining fame for a reason. They are capable of successfully influencing hundreds and thousands of people. You could contact a few influencers on every social media platform whose niche matches yours. These people could take control of your accounts for a few hours. During this time they’ll interact with the followers through live streams or q&a sessions. Your followers will start engaging with your brand and you will get the audience of the influencer too. Along with that, the influencer will be able to encourage a number of followers to trust your brand.

Unique contests

The possibilities of a successful social media campaign are endless. You can motivate your followers to actually visit your store. This can be done by starting a campaign where your followers are supposed to visit your nearby store, take a picture that proves that they are present in the shop, post it online, and that’s all! What do you get? Increased store visits and reach to followers of your followers. What do the participants get? A chance to win a discount or a free product. Other than this, there can be a logo design contest. The winner will get exposure and so, a lot of graphic designers will be interested. You, on the other hand, will get your brand to reach out to more audience as well as access to unique logo designs.

Live coverage

Pretty much every social media platform now allows live stream coverage. If your company or brand is holding out fun events, you can involve your audience from the internet with live coverage. More people will be interested to visit your event once they get a glimpse of it. Live coverage also sometimes plays on non-followers’ home pages.


What better way to attract customers than showing them positive customer reviews? You can create a montage of pictures and videos that show your truly happy customers. Promotion of such posts will improve your brand image while gaining the trust of more followers.


The creativity is endless and so are the options for social media campaigns. These are just some of our ideas. You can use any of these or improvise them to make them perfect for your personal brand!

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Michelle Gilbert
Michelle Gilbert

December 28, 2018

Sounds like a good idea. What is the cost to join?

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