Improving SEO: How to show up on Google Search

Improving SEO: How to show up on Google Search

January 17, 2019

So you built an awesome E-commerce website and you want everyone and their brother to come shop right? Well, you have to make sure you cover some of the basics first in order to show up on Google. There are 3 steps you need to take in order to get this complete and I'm going to walk you through them now. If you have already signed up for your Free Shopify trial, you should have already completed the basic steps to get your website setup. Now, let's look at the back end to make sure Google see's the awesomeness you are trying to sell. 

Step 1: Verify your site with Google

Go to Google Search Console and click get started. 

google search console

Next you want to verify your domain using a Meta Tag Verification with Google, this is listed under the Alternate Methods tab. 

Once you click the alternate methods tab you will choose HTML tag as shown below. 

Copy the meta tag listed in the box and then go to your Shopify store. Go to Online Store and click Themes as seen below. 

Click Actions and select "Edit Code" as seen below. 

Under layout, click "theme.liquid" as seen below. 

Paste the code on an open line directly above <head> tag. I had an open line on line 17 in the header so that is where my google code is pasted above. Then click "Save" 

Here is a step by step video by Shopify that will walk you through the steps above.


Step 2: Find your Sitemap 

Your sitemap file is located at the root directory of your Shopify store's primary domain name. For example, The sitemap file is automatically created and links to separate sitemaps for products, collections, blogs, and webpages and it is automatically updated when you add items to your website. 

How do you find your sitemap? Simply type your primary domain name into the address bar and add /sitemap.xml to the end of it. 

See this video for step by step instructions on how to locate your website's sitemap. 

3. Submit your Sitemap to Google

You can submit your sitemap to Google Search Console to help Google find and index your site.  


1. After your site is verified, go to Google Search Console. 

2. Click the name of your website. 

3. Click Sitemaps

4. Click Add/Test Sitemap

5. Enter sitemap.xml, and then click submit sitemap. 

After you submit your sitemap google will crawl you website and index your site.

For a step by step video of how to complete these steps, please see below. 


To check and make sure it is working properly go to the address bar and enter the URL of your website with "site" before it, for example "" then click enter. This will show you all the pages on your website that are indexed by Google. 

Follow these steps listed above to ensure that your website is indexed by Google and you will be one step closer to optimizing your website for killer sales.


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